Friday, May 23, 2008

A lovely little jaunt down to The Cape...

This morning, Jeremy had the honor of speaking at a union conference down on The Cape (aka - Cape Cod). This year he is acting as the Futures' representative to Massachusetts' AFL-CIO. He's become very involved with his school/city's union and had the opportunity to take part in a pretty major way. Today he spoke after Senator John Kerry and our state's lieutenant governor. Me and Harrison are very proud of him.

Since he was speaking pretty early this morning (or was supposed to, anyway), the three of his were able to spend the night in North Falmouth at the Sea Crest Resort. The hotel itself wasn't all that but the location most definitely was. While Jeremy was at his meetings, Harrison and I were able to spend some nice time out by the ocean. It was a beautiful day.

The view from our room

Harrison watches a little Regis and Kelly (though Neil Patrick Harris was actually on this morning in case you're wondering)

Harrison takes a load off and feels the breeze between his toes

It may be hard to tell but those are all lounge chairs on the sand

Look at those good looking teeth

I absolutely adore this's perfect

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