Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Day (as usual...the photos are not in order)

Little boy not feeling so well by the end of the night

A boy in a bag

Izzy gets comfortable

Belash, Arash, Annahita, Banafsheh, and Jeremy

I think Jeremy looks real good in that hat

Three generations of McKeen men

Grandpa, Aunt Izzy, and Grandma

Cymbals taste good, apparently

Harrison and Izzy share a paper towel roll...she's so good with him

Preparing some pre-dinner snacks

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Morning...

Mama shows Harrison how to use his new "guitar"

Poor kiddo woke up with a cold on Christmas morning

Mid-sneeze while holding his guitar


Harrison just took up too much time opening his gifts...we had to help


The Slinky may have been his favorite gift of the morning

Christmas tree and presents, pre-gift opening


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Friday, December 19, 2008

Fun with food...

A new favorite - blueberry bagel

Wearing Dada's hat

He now really enjoys taking over a whole apple 

That's a piece of dried fruit

He didn't seem to know it was there

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Parade in Gloucester...

About two weeks ago, we went to the Christmas Parade here in Gloucester.  The three of us had a pretty good time and we also saw our first snow (it wasn't much, just a dusting).  As usual, these photos are all out of order.

The end of our walk when Harrison was done with the stroller.  He loved cuddling up in Dada's pea coat. Who wouldn't?

Harrison's festive Christmas "mittens".

He won't keep them on for anything.

Waiting for the Christmas tree to be lighted.  We went home before it happened.  It was too cold.

Santa Claus!  Harrison was not impressed.  Though he did like the fire truck.

Munching on a cracker...

Boy in a bubble waiting for the parade to start.

Scenes from our Holiday Party...

After a very long time, we finally have the space again to host our holiday party.  We had a great time as it felt so good to open our house to both our old and new friends.  Everyone seemed to have a great time...especially the kids.

A rare photo of the three of us

Monk and John sharing a joke

Tanya catching up with PEM friends

Harrison's got to move fast!

The kids loved all of the toys

Harrison shows John how to play the piano

We actually had some singing around the piano