Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Six Month Check-up...

The little man had his six month check-up this morning.  He's now 18.1 pounds and 28 inches. He grew 2 inches since his last appointment, two months ago!  He's tall and skinny (as his doc stated).  We've got one inch left before it's time for a new car seat.  He's also got two little teeth peering from his lower gums.  Those are growing steadily and seem to be causing little pain.  Harrison had a little bit of a rough week this last week.  Last Wednesday night he started vomiting and had a pretty high fever.  The next day he had a doctor's appointment that was (unfortunately) complete with a failed try at a catheter (in order to see if he had a UTI) and two attempts at a blood draw.  He came out of it all okay and without any major diagnosis.  Seemed he'd just caught some sort of stomach bug.  On Sunday a little cough turned into a bigger one and was accompanied with some sneezing and a runny nose. Despite the little cold, Harrison was in great spirits. To watch him talk and play you'd never know he had a cold.  So, needless to say, last week was a little tough but was a good learning experience for us first-time parents.

Some new thing Harrison enjoys - 

1)  He loves it when we sing "Yummy, yummy, yummy you've got (fill in the blank) in your tummy!"  It cracks him up pretty much any time.

2)  He seems to appreciate it when Mama sings along to "Hardly Speaking A Word" by Lori McKenna.  He quiets down if he's been punchy and smiles.  Actually, he seems to like any Lori McKenna song...probably because Mama gets really excited about it.

3)  He loves it when Papa plays guitar.  He really watches Jeremy's fingers on the fret.  He's takes it all in.

4)  Peek-a-boo!  is a new big hit.  

5) Schooching (is that a word? Guess not, anyway...) all over the floor and bed when he gets the chance.  It's amazing to see how fast he can move - simply on his back!  It's very fun to watch but also a little bit scary as we're realizing that we need to quickly get this apartment a bit more baby-friendly.  

6)  This isn't so much a fun thing for us, but Harrison has become quite active on the changing table in the last week.  Not only has he discovered below his belly button (a bit of a hassle when there's a poopy diaper involved) but he's often desperately trying to turn over and over while on the table.  He's making us work harder.  :)

7)  And most recently, he's starting to realize that bath-time can be fun.

The three of us are having a great time with each other.  Harrison is such an amazing, beautiful, and smart little boy. 

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