Friday, April 25, 2008

The Kid is Alright!

Proud Papa here...our handsomely beautiful amazingly magical King of All Babies had been running a temp Wednesday night and on through to Thursday morning and finally, after several hours of fret and a doctor's visit (and needles and an unsuccessful catheter :( on the boy) his tests came back negative for sickness and he's all healthy now!!! He's teething and, when you add the spring air and the chance for sickness from unknown sources, we had a bit of a scare (and a first for first time parents). But Harrison's mood and tone is back to normal - he's discovered peekaboo and how to act like you don't smell like poop while at Target (usually he gets a blank face like "Papa, I'm smelly 'cos I pooped my pants. What's your excuse?").

I know when your kid has a fever (and his spiked at 103.5) it's like the end of the world - and his hot spit up sure seemed like a harbinger of doom (especially when I slipped on it and almost cracked my head, to Tanya's laughing pleasure). But all in all, this is part of the great act of Life, and the King passed with cool breeze colors. I love him so much and even though he has to go through suffering in life, I'd rather be sick for him anytime. But I guess I'm good at fevers because I've had so many in my life.

He's the Best. I'm grateful for every breath and smile and new vocalization he makes. He's our Bear.

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Tanya said...

Mama here...It must be known that when Jeremy took the fall in the baby vomit, I wasn't laughing in that moment. As both me and the boy were covered in pea-flavored puke, I was a wreck. Seeing Jeremy go down added to the panic. The thought of a husband with a broken head along with a sick baby...I knew I couldn't handle that. After the baby sickness was cleaned up, I started laughing hysterically at Jeremy's tumble.