Monday, April 21, 2008

More photos from the weekend...

(These are all out of order, I couldn't figure out to put them in the right order. Anyway...enjoy!)

On the rocks at Halibut Point State Park (the site where we were married)

The men...

Family photo at the exact spot where we said our vows. It was a special place to be with our friends (all who were in our wedding party) and on Harrison's six month birthday.

Harrison seemed quite mesmerized by the ocean

Sofia and Ben in the distance...

Sofia gives Harrison a gift - Moonlight Bear

New best friends

Sofia leading the way to the cliffs at Halibut Point

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noah's mama said...

oh, what fun! sounds like a lovely visit, especially considering the sunshine! we had SNOW last weekend. it's ridiculous. so great to glimpse seri, ben and sophia! does the fact that our kids are growing up mean we're growing up??