Thursday, December 4, 2008

First Haircut...

Last Friday, Harrison experienced his first haircut.  What an experience...for all of us.  He (we) survived and fortunately his hair is already growing back pretty quickly.  Though we weren't terribly fond of the new style, the man who cut his hair did a fairly good job despite Harrison's lack of cooperation.

This was Thomas, the poor man who had to cut Harrison's hair.

This photo breaks my heart.  The poor guy was SO unhappy.

He refused to wear the smock.

Dada smiles at another kid across the way getting his hair cut.

The finished product.

Later that night...

The TV looks interesting and his fingers are tasty.

He never gets to sit this close to the TV.
Seriously, never.

But he looked so darned cute that I had to let him for a few minutes so I could get some pics.

I love this sitting position (wish I could do it still).

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