Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Parade in Gloucester...

About two weeks ago, we went to the Christmas Parade here in Gloucester.  The three of us had a pretty good time and we also saw our first snow (it wasn't much, just a dusting).  As usual, these photos are all out of order.

The end of our walk when Harrison was done with the stroller.  He loved cuddling up in Dada's pea coat. Who wouldn't?

Harrison's festive Christmas "mittens".

He won't keep them on for anything.

Waiting for the Christmas tree to be lighted.  We went home before it happened.  It was too cold.

Santa Claus!  Harrison was not impressed.  Though he did like the fire truck.

Munching on a cracker...

Boy in a bubble waiting for the parade to start.

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