Friday, June 27, 2008


Phew!  It feels like Harrison has grown up so much in the last week.  The time has gone by so quickly as he's been adding new skills and acts to his baby routine. Exactly a week ago today I witnessed him sit up from a laying down position, early in the afternoon.  It was incredible. By early evening he had the move down like a pro.  A couple of days later, he managed to get himself standing up in his playpen. He's even able to "cruise" a little about halfway around the playpen.  There are moments when he'll try to let go of the side (or our hands if we are holding up him) to stand up on his own.

He's still quite popular everywhere we go.  Constantly he's getting smiles and greetings from fellow shoppers and walkers.  People can't get over his blue eyes.  He's starting to get a little shy at times, but usually he's got a smile for everyone - especially the ladies.

  * * * *
Other fun Harrison tidbits...

-He loves watching other children.  If we are at the store, the park,  or walking around the neighborhood he'll stare and smile while watching the big kids.

-He adores the cats.  When Madison or Dewey come into the room his eyes light up even more and he smiles the biggest of smiles.  He's even got a special (loud) voice for Madison.  We think he's trying to talk to her.  If he's crying, sounding really upset, Madison will rush into the room to check things out.  

-He's getting to be impossible to change at times.  He wants to roll and roll and do anything but stay still to have his diaper changed, never mind have clothing put on. He's a busy little boy.  

-He gets very excited when Jeremy comes home from anywhere.  He gets the most brilliant smile on his face.  

  * * * *
Yesterday we were able to sneak away to Crane Beach for about an hour or so.  It was mostly cloudy and we ended up getting rained on, but it was a beautiful day to us as we got share one of our most favorite places with Harrison.  Initially he was a little freaked out when Jeremy dipped his toes into 57 degree water and then when we touched his feet to the sand.  But very quickly he warmed up to the idea of standing on the sand and seemed to get a kick out of it. Watching the other children on the beach (and also the seagulls) added to the fun.  We think he's going to be a good beach bum in the future.

Enjoy the beach pics!

Modeling some of his beach wear

"What is this place?"

The blue-eyed boys

Sandy feet

Enjoying a cool beverage

Action shot of Harrison's hat flying off

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