Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Growing up so fast...

Harrison's got over another stomach bug.  Harrison was a champ, as usual.  Unfortunately this bug lasted for about five days...a very, very long five days.  Fortunately, though, he did hot have to go to the doctor's to have to endure any needles.  

He's been a very busy boy.  He's trying his hardest to get crawling.  His new favorite activity is to get on his hands and knees and rock, rock, rock back and forth.  It's usually very cute.  However, he's taken to wanting to do this when it's time for him to chill out and get ready to go to sleep.  He's discovered that his left big toe is especially tasty.  He puts it in his mouth whenever possible...even times when he's already got food in his mouth.  He tried Cheerios for the first time yesterday.  He seemed to know what to do with them right away, though, the Cheerio would always seem to get stuck in his fist.  And, he's graduated from his little baby tub to the kitchen sink (as seen below).  

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