Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Harrison's Birthday...

At long last, here are some photos from Harrison's birthday celebration and also a few from his actual birthday, October 20th.  They are a little bit out of order.


Harrison posing in his "Massachusetts" tee-shirt.  We hope and plan to take a photo of him in this shirt on all of his birthdays.  That is, as long as he will let us.

Harrison "reading" his birthday card from Mama and Dada.

Future Ivy League Student...no pressure.  

Opening up some birthday gifts...wooden trucks.

(Again, these photos are all out of order...)
Harrison at the end of his birthday cake.

It took a while, but he finally started to enjoy the cake and getting messy.

That was at one time a little pumpkin.

Not quite sure what to do about it.

At the beginning of it all...Happy Birthday Harrison!  He's so not into the hat.

You've got to love the expression on his face in this one.

Fun on his new bike from Aunt Mindy.

Sheer joy on his face.

Gift time!

How come only Mama is wearing a hat?

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